Lab to Reassemble Historic Ground Zero Ship

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    Fred R. Conrad/New York Times
    Archaeologists examine the remains of a wooden ship found at the World Trade Center site. Photo courtesy the Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times.

    An 18th century ship found buried near the World Trade Center site in New York will be carefully extracted and sent to the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory to be treated and reassembled.

      The conservation lab in southern Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay specializes in the treatment of shipwrecks.
    A team from the lab is helping to safely extract the ship piece by piece. The timbers are being individually wrapped for transport to the Maryland lab. The recovery is scheduled for completion by the end of the week.
    Lab officials said Thursday the conservation work will begin as soon as possible.
    Historians believe the ship had been junked when it was used around 1810 as landfill to extend the shores of lower Manhattan. The exact age will be determined by lab analysis.

    Buried Treasure Beneath Ground Zero

    [NY] Buried Treasure Beneath Ground Zero
    An astonishing discovery made by workers excavating the World Trade Center site. They've spent the last two days digging out a series of ribbed wood timbers...that were recognized today as belonging to a 30 foot ship. The vessel seems to date back to the 1700s. (Published Thursday, July 15, 2010)