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Rumor: Sarah Palin Might Get a Beauty Deal

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Rumor: Sarah Palin Might Get a Beauty Deal

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blamed big government for the economic meltdown in a Hong Kong speech.

She's already got a book and now her agents are reportedly trying to secure a special beauty deal for the former vice presidential candidate. Seems like all that "lipstick on a pit bull" nonsense might actually pay off!

According to Page Six, Palin's agents are specifically working on a beauty endorsement deal (not trying to launch, say, her own brand of lipstick, per se), and using the whole "lipstick on a pit bull" phrase to clinch the deal.

Frankly, we think if Palin's going in this direction, she should also explore a deal with the Naughty Monkey folks -- a.k.a. the ones who made those sexy heels she was so famous for wearing.

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