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Ma Peche to Serve Lunch to the Public Next Week!



    Ma Peche to Serve Lunch to the Public Next Week!

    Ma Peche has already begun a series of friends and family lunches, and today the Robs get word the restaurant may open to the public for lunch as soon as next Wednesday.

    On the menu, find chef Tien Ho's French-Vietnamese interpretations like king crab with calamansi mayo, pork ribs with lemongrass and caramel, fluke with pineapple and herbs, and brown butter skate.

    The dining room is spare, made with eco-friendly materials, and features an ex-shaped communal tables. Sources say movie buffs should look forward to some yet to be revealed quirky murals. Click over for the full slideshow of the dining room and some requisite food porn.


    Huître – Thai basil mignonette 16/half dozen
    Hood Canal (WA) Nasketucket Bay (MA)
    St. Simone (CAN)
    Crevettes Lộuc – poached shrimp, kaffir ketchup 16
    Cua Royale Ma do Ne – king crab, calamansi mayo 13/quarter lb.
    Gỏi Calamar (RI) – squid salad, cilantro, peanuts 14
    Homard Trois Xốt (ME) – lobster, trio of sauces 18/36
    Cá Fluke Cru (NY) – fluke, pineapple, herbs 15
    Bò Tartare (Niman Ranch) – beef tartare, scallions, mint 16
    Plateau Hai San – Grand Platter
    12 oysters, 4 shrimp, scallops, squid salad, king crab 75
    Plateau Má Pêche – Large Platter
    18 oysters, 8 shrimp, scallops, squid salad, king crab, whole lobster 150


    Ba Te de Pintade (Piedmont, NC) – guinea hen pate, foie gras 16
    Xà Lách Frisée – frisée, tripe, jowl croutons, poached egg 16
    Moules Bouchot au Bia (ME) – mussels, crab paste, beer 14
    Ôc Sên Sauvage – wild Burgundy snails, pork sausage, garlic, tarragon 18
    Côtelletes de Porc (Newman’s Farm, MO) – pork ribs, lemongrass caramel 16
    Chou-Fleur Chiên (Satur Farm, LI) – fried cauliflower, curry, mint, fish sauce 12


    Raie a la Dufresne (LI) – skate, brown butter, lime, pea shoots 24
    Cá Loup de Mer Nướng (ME) – grilled branzini, long beans, almonds, coconut 27
    Bun du Riz (Niman Ranch) – rice noodles, spicy pork, sawleaf herb 18
    Poularde Quay (Goffle Rd Farms, NJ) – roasted chicken, mushrooms, green papaya, peanuts 25
    Steak Frites (Creekstone Farm, KS) – 12 oz ‘juliet’ steak, rice fries 29
    Travers de Boeuf Kho (Creekstone Farm, KS) – short ribs, carrots, marrow, spaetzle 29
    Cote de Porc Khoai Tay (Bev Eggleston, VA) – roasted pork chop for two, spicy potatoes 48


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