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GOP Takes Corzine E-mail Case to Top Court

Case weighs privacy vs. public right to know



    GOP Takes Corzine E-mail Case to Top Court
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    The legal debate over e-mails Gov. Corzine and staff exchanged with Carla Katz heads to the state Supreme Court.

    The New Jersey Supreme Court has been asked to consider whether Gov. Jon Corzine should be forced to release e-mails he exchanged with the union leader he once dated.

              Republican Party spokesman Todd Riffle says papers were filed with the court late Wednesday.
    GOP leader Tom Wilson hopes to get the court to order the Democratic governor to release the e-mails he and his staff exchanged with Carla Katz.
    Corzine dated Katz, the leader of the state's largest state worker union, before he became governor. Wilson says it's necessary to see the e-mails to be sure no backdoor contract talks took place.
    An appellate court ruled unanimously that Corzine's e-mails could stay private. That decision overturned a trial court ruling.