Bernie Williams' Injury Jeopardizes Comeback Hopes

It would have been a pretty cool sight to see Bernie Williams lace 'em up one more time in the World Baseball Classic after not having played baseball for two years. And he made a valiant attempt as he joined a winter league team in Puerto Rico to prepare. But circumstances beyond his control has changed his plans, as a serious quad injury has derailed his comeback, and at the age of 40 has probably ended his baseball career for good.

It just shows you how tough it is to come back from a long layoff and get back to playing shape. And let this be a cautionary tale if anyone decides they want to take a chance and sign Barry Bonds, who also hasn't played in a while.

As for Williams, if indeed he doesn't heal in time for the Classic, it looks like he'll have to fall back on his music career for good this time. The next WBC isn't going to happen until 2013.

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