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Once Disgraced QB Michael Vick Gets Ad Deal



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    Michael Vick again had a plus-100 passer rating and was looking tough despite getting beat up a bit.

    Michael Vick is no longer radioactive when it comes to commercial endorsements.

    The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is pitching cars for a South Jersey Nissan dealership, according to USA Today. It's a long way from his earlier days, when his endorsement deals included Coca-Cola, Nike, Kraft, Powerade, EA Sports and Rawlings, but at least someone thinks he can move produuct.

    "They love it," Tom McMenamin, executive manager of Woodbury Nissan, said of his customers. "They love the spot."

    Vick is at the top of his game more than a year after being released for prison, where he served nearly two years for running a dogfighting ring. But the 30-year-old signal caller is still controversial because of his crimes, and had not been tapped for an endorsement deal since regaining his freedom.

    Back when he was an up and coming star with the Atlanta Falcons, Vick' was not only the NFL's highest paid player, he was one of its most sought-after pitchmen.

    In the spot, Woodbury Nissan uses an ESPN-type approach to show Vick as a new and eager-to-please salesman.


    Vick is not getting paid for the ad, but he does get the free use of a customized Nissan Armada worth $54,000.

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