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Worst Game of Bowl Season Award Goes to the Sun Bowl



    Worst Game of Bowl Season Award Goes to the Sun Bowl
    The look on kicker Connor Lee's face as he missed a 4th quarter field goal to tie the game tells the story.

    It will take an epically bad game to top the putridity of the 75th Sun Bowl. Pitt and Oregon State pillow fought their way to a 3-0 Oregon State win.

    There are games where the numbers don't tell the story. This game is not one of them. Only two drives that got into the red zone, five turnovers, eleven sacks, thirteen three-and-outs, twenty punts, and less than 500 total yards between the two teams.

    Both teams were diminished on offense. Oregon State was playing without the Pac-10's Offensive Player and Freshman of the Year in running back Jacquizz Rodgers, along with Rodgers' older brother -- the second leading rusher and third in receiving. Pitt was without their starting center and left tackle on the offensive line.

    Still, this was well below any expectations.

    Oregon State couldn't run the ball, but quarterback Lyle Moevao was able to make enough plays for the Beavers. Still, their drives continually stalled out trying to continually make plays in the air with an offense geared to the ground.

    Pitt ,on the other hand, spent the first half forgetting they had one of the best running backs in the country in LeSean McCoy. McCoy only touched the ball three times in the first quarter and only eight rushing attempts in the first half. Without two starting offensive linemen, is it better to throw with an, at best, average quarterback or run with a top flight running back? Pitt's coaches failed the test.

    Both defenses played fantastic games, putting pressure on the quarterbacks and never letting the offenses have a chance to breathe. Still, the absolute inability of either offense to muster one field goal made this an incredibly painful game to watch. Both offenses were playing to their weaknesses which only made it worse.