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Long Island Supermarket Advertises Discount for Shoppers Who Support President Trump

The deal was posted on the store's Facebook page, a 20 percent discount offered for those who supporting President Trump — but the store's owner said he will also offer a discount for Biden supporters as well

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Shopping for food typically isn't seen as a political statement — but in 2020, all the usual rules are out the window.

One food store on Long Island is advertising a discount offered to those who support President Donald Trump. The Fresh Food Supermarket in Oakdale posted the deal on the store's Facebook page — a 20 percent discount offered for those who say they are supporting the Republican incumbent in the upcoming election.

The owner of the 2-year-old Suffolk County store, Jose Colon, is a Trump supporter himself.

"That was my intention, to do something good," he said, adding he thought a Trump coupon might remind people to vote.

The stunt has mixed reviews. Some, like one shopper who drove six miles out of her way to shop at the market Friday wearing a Trump mask and sweatshirt, said how much they enjoy the promotion.

But others are not in the same camp — more than 1,000 people have commented on the post advertising the discount, with some calling it "disgraceful" and calling for a boycott of the store. Colon said he got threatening phone calls, emails and texts as well.

"Trying to bring unity to a community, it seems to want to divide it a little more when you put something like that out," said Gina Lafroscia, who is a regular shopper at the store and said the Trump discount was a mistake.

However, Colon said Friday that he will offer the same discount to Biden supporters. He also plans to alert law enforcement to keep an eye on his store.

"There's a lot of hatred, a lot of division," Colon said. "It's going from bad to worse."

Naturally, the discounts expire on Election Day.

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