Emmys Countdown: 10 Amazing Television Actors Who've Never Won

These small screen staples have never been honored with television's most prestigious award.

TV shows come and go, but that prestigious Emmy trophy in your hands...that sort of thing is forever. Which makes this list we're about to talk about extremely sad. And with this year's Emmy presentation only just around the corner (Sept. 23 on ABC), it's all the more pertinent.

When it comes to snubs, these 10 amazing actor and actresses not getting an Emmy (or even a nod in some really depressing cases) is truly an upsetting error in the television world. True, some of these people are probably going to win one for their role eventually (looking at you, Jon Hamm), but for the most part, these characters will never get the appreciation they deserve. Shock and awe is the word combo we'd used to describe this list of thesps that have never won an Emmy:

Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House surely doesn't care about awards; he only cares about solving the puzzle. But riddle us this: How can portraying one of the most interesting TV characters in the past decade, while spouting off medical jargon in a different accent no less, not nab you an Emmy over the course of eight seasons?! And do not get us started on the fact that he wasn't even nominated for the final season of House. Seriously, we'll get violent.

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Steve Carell: Michael Scott, we hate so much about the things the Emmys choose to be. We think Office star Rainn Wilson said it best on the night Carell lost his last chance to win an Emmy: "The world of TV should be ashamed of itself that Steve Carell never won an Emmy for Michael Gary Scott." Dwight K. Schrute, sticking up for his boss until the very bitter end.

Connie Britton: Kyle Chandler finally won his long overdue Emmy last year for his role as Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights, but Mrs. Coach didn't get to join him onstage, losing out to The Good Wife's Julianna Margulies. In the pilot, she just wanted his and hers closets, and after one of or all-time favorite shows went off the air, we just wanted his and hers FNL Emmys.

Jerry Seinfeld: How does Seinfeld himself not win for a show called Seinfeld? One of the great mysteries of the entertainment world, considering a lot of people will argue that Seinfeld is one of the top 10 shows in the history of television.

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Courteney Cox: Could this snub be anymore annoying? If the lady is good enough to nab Chandler Bing, then Monica Gellar should definitely be enough for the Academy. And when you figure in that both Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston won Emmys for that little show called Friends, you have to start wondering if Hollywood has something against honoring a fantastic comedic actress like Cox. There's still hope for her role on Cougar Town, but we all know that voters have a history of ignoring that show. Le' sigh...

Jon Hamm: Homeboy has been nominated seven times, both for Mad Men and 30 Rock. So not only has he not won for his drama skills, but his comedic chops have been snubbed as well. A man this handsome and this talented cannot walk away empty handed this year. It really seems physically impossible that he'll leave that theater without an Emmy statue. But then again, the Emmys always manage to piss us off surprise us.

Angela Lansbury: 18 nominations and not a single win. Not even Jessica Fletcher could solve that crime. More like Snubbed, She Wrote...right? Right?! OK, that pun was terrible and we're sorry. We're making it worse.

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Michael C. Hall: Another person you don't want to piss off? Someone who portrays a serial killer to chilling perfection. Of course in reality, Hall is quite the nice guy, a little too nice considering he's been nominated several times for both Dexter and Six Feet Under. And since 2008, he's been nominated every year for an Emmy for playing Dexter Morgan. Is this the year for him? Screw the voting, let's have him and Jon Hamm Jell-O wrestle for the trophy!

Jennifer Garner: You'd think that back then, the Academy would've be so scared of Jennifer Garner's ass-kicking skills, that eventually they'd just give her the trophy. But alas, Sydney Bristow got four nominations for Alias, but never tasted sweet Emmy victory. However, she did win a Golden Globe and a Screen Actor's Guild for that role, and, the most exciting award of all: a Teen Choice Award. Who needs an Emmy when you have a giant surfboard?

Kim Cattrall: Samantha Jones had it all on Sex and the City, but Kim Cattrall never had that Emmy. Two of her costars (Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon) nabbed Emmys for the HBO series, so like Cox's situation, it was a bit baffling to see her character never get the spotlight no Emmy night. How can you hate someone like Samantha?

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