Check Your Mail: Royal Wedding Invites Sent Out

This must be a hectic day for the postman.

US Weekly reports that the Royal wedding invites are indeed in the mail, with no less than 1,800 of the coveted things destined to guests like President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle, as well as David and Victoria Beckham.

Days ago, Prince William and Catherine (as she will be called whever Royalty's concerned), announced their wedding party. Prince Harry, not surprisingly, will be Prince William’s Best Man, while Kate’s sister Pippa will be the Maid of Honor.

No word yet of the initiation’s design, but we hope it doesn’t look anything like the commemorative Royal Wedding sick bags (appropriately titled “Throne Up” bags), made for people who have taken ill to all the royal love that’s in the air.

Selected Reading: US Weekly, CBS News

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