Best Kept Brunch Secret: Untitled at The Whitney

In a city that's sometimes referred to the "brunch capital of the world," there are endless brunch spots. In New York City, it's an easy task to find a delicious plate that's served in the early afternoon hours of the weekend after a night out. There are so many brunch places that it's easy to forget some of our favorites. This past weekend, we were reminded of a place that we adore, Untitled at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Danny Meyer's farm-to-table restaurant on the bottom floor of the Upper East Side museum.

Just as simple as its name, Untitled is unassuming, quaint and casual. While some claim a 40-minute wait for the no-brunch-reservation cafe and restaurant, we slipped right in on a Saturday morning. The comprehensive menu covers the basics, from eggs to omelets to burgers, sandwiches and salads. But, it is the simplicity of the dishes that allow you to taste the excellent quality of the food and great flavors. The farm-to-table restaurant serves the freshest ingredients and edibles from local farms and businesses, such as Satur Farms, Betty Bakery, Blue Marble Ice Cream and Stumptown coffee.

The poached egg with cheese grits and chard was simple perfection. And, we couldn't help but eye a few times over the "From the Griddle" portion of the menu with included huckleberry pancakes and banana & hazelnut stuffed French toast. Lastly, service was exceptional, which is pretty standard in Meyer's restaurants across the city.

It may be easy to forget about a brunch spot in the basement of a museum, but it's the brunch fare here at Untitled will definitely stay on your mind.

945 Madison Ave
New York, NY

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