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Owner of Poisoned Dog Taunted With Dog Bones, Pigs Feet



    A woman whose dog was poisoned with anti-freeze earlier this year says she and her neighbor are the victims of even more harassment after someone threw pigs feet, meat scraps and dog bones into her yard. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014)

    Months after her 1-year-old puppy was poisoned with anti-freeze, a South Jersey woman continues to live in fear. Not only is the person responsible for her beloved pet's death still on the loose, but she's now the target of even more harassment and taunts from an unknown culprit.

    Since May, someone has repeatedly thrown pigs feet, meat scraps and dog bones into the backyard of Amanda Von Ahnen's Mantua home. The pigs feet and bones also ended up in her neighbor's yard.

    Von Ahnen claims the scraps have been thrown in her yard about 18 times so far, with the latest incident occurring on Sunday. A surveillance camera that Von Ahnen installed in her yard shows the scraps being tossed over her fence between 3 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. In all, Von Ahnen says she's spent about $2,000 installing the security camera and replacing her metal fence in order to keep her pets safe.

    The incidents come as Von Ahnen continues to mourn the death of her 1-year-old Rottweiler Bella.

    Back on April 7, Bella suddenly grew sick after someone poisoned her bowl.

    “When I came home Monday night at 8:30 she had lost all function of her back legs,” Von Ahnen told NBC10.

    Vomiting, unable to walk and falling into a semi-comatose state, Bella was rushed to the veterinarian and then euthanized the next day after her kidneys failed.

    According to the vet, Bella died from anti-freeze poisoning.

    Von Ahnen told NBC10 she remembered seeing a plastic bowl in her backyard the day Bella got sick but thought little of it. When she went back to retrieve it later that night, the bowl was gone. Von Ahnen believes someone placed the anti-freeze inside the bowl to intentionally poison her dog.

    Mantua Police also told NBC10 last April that the dog was specifically targeted by a person familiar with the area.

    “It’s very personal,” said Mantua Police Sergeant Brian Grady. “People treat their pets like family members and it’s tragic.”

    Since the dog's death, the person responsible has not been caught, despite a $1,000 reward being offered by a private citizen for an arrest in the case. Mantua Police say they're unsure if the latest incidents are related to the dog's poisoning. They are currently adding more patrols to the neighborhood.

    Von Ahnen told NBC10 she would stop at nothing to bring the culprit to justice.

    “I will say it a million times,” she said. “I refuse to stop until this person is behind bars.”

    Anyone with information is asked to call Mantua police at 856-468-1920.