Yonkers Police Search for Group of Suspects Who Viciously Beat Victim on Street

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Disturbing video shows a group beatdown in Yonkers in which a one man was so ruthlessly attacked by a crowd of people, he sustained a brain injury after being repeatedly stomped on.

The attack took place just after sundown Thursday, as witnesses said dozes of people were lighting candles s they memorialized someone who had passed away. A bottle was thrown during the sidewalk remembrance, which ignited the savage group attack.

Soon after, one man was pummeled in the middle of North Broadway by a gang of people, kicking and stomping on his head. After about 25 seconds of people stomping on the victim, video shows people casually walk away from his limp body.

The man was left unconscious, and is recovering at a nearby hospital with bleeding in his brain.

Detectives have arrested five people believed to be involved in the beating that Yonkers Police Comissioner John Mueller called "despicable." Police said there are many more out there who are responsible for the attack.

"It's heartbreaking to see someone like that lifeless on the ground where he is continuing to be kicked and stomped and punched. It's just really, really awful," Mueller said. "Is this really what we're looking for in society? Is this OK? It's not."

Neighbors who live on the street said they were saddened by the savagery, but are not surprised.

"This is a regular norm for everybody who lives around here. Things go this bad. We cry, we pray, but we move on after that," said Norman Oscar.

Police said at least two of the five people arrested in the attack have previous felony convictions. Investigators are going through the video frame-by-frame to identify more attackers.

"We need the law-abiding people to stand with us and join with us and say that type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable," Mueller said.

The police commissioner said upwards of 50 bystanders saw the brutal beatdown, and he's asking those people to call Yonkers detectives to share what they may know.

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