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Chaos Ensues After Employees Lock Beer Thief in Brooklyn Convenience Store: Police

The store manager says the woman was "going mad," trashing displays and knocking over phone terminals

What to Know

  • A woman was recorded trashing a Brooklyn convenience store after being locked inside by employees
  • Police say the woman tried to steal beer from the store and employees locked the entrances
  • A chaotic mess of toppled displays and smashed machines was left behind; the woman was arrested on several charges

A woman caught trying to steal beer from a Brooklyn convenience store left a path of destruction after employees locked her inside, then fought with officers when they arrived to arrest her, police say.

Christmas jingles were playing on the radio as 44-year-old Roselyn Bertacco cursed out employees and began her alleged rampage in Bedford-Stuyvesant Thursday night.

In a video of the tirade, a woman identified by police as Bertacco accuses one of the employees of raping her in the bathroom. Moments later, she’s seen throwing objects and yelling, “Let me out this b----!”

“Open the door, you’re holding me hostage!” the woman yells in the video. “I gave you your f------ beer. Open the door!”

Store manager Surinda Singh said he got a call from a cashier as the drama unfolded around 8 p.m. All the while, Bertacco was allegedly trashing displays, knocking over phone terminals and smashing a lotto machine.

“All the candy, all the lotto machine — everything is a break up,” Singh told NBC 4 New York. He said the woman wrecking his store was “going mad.”

Bertacco was still ranting as police responded, questioned her and arrested her. Video shows her struggling with officers outside the store as she’s being led away to a waiting NYPD cruiser.

Singh estimates the store has about $2,000 in damage, but he says he’s happy no one was hurt.

Bertacco faces charges of criminal mischief, petit larceny and disorderly conduct. It wasn’t immediately known if she had an attorney.

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