Oblivious Trucker Leaves Behind Trail of Destruction as Tree Branch Gets Wedged in Big Rig

What to Know

  • A truck driver in Queens somehow got a large tree branch wedged on his truck and kept on going, police say
  • That limb smacked into at least a dozen parked cars in Whitestone
  • No injuries were reported and the driver was issued two summons by police

A tractor-trailer left behind a five-block trail of destruction in Queens after the oblivious driver struck a tree and unknowingly got a branch wedged in his truck.

Police say the 36-year-old driver was on 14th Avenue in Whitestone when he hit the tree, got a large branch stuck in between his cab and trailer and kept on going.

The driver, who police say didn’t realize he had the tree limb stuck on his truck, continued driving for five blocks, from 147th Street to 152nd Street, hitting at least a dozen cars in the process around 10 p.m. Tuesday. 

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"We heard this loud noise, like a freight train coming down the block," said neighbor Audrey Neilan, whose car was among the destroyed. "It was a big 18-wheeler, he had the tree in between his car, he just kept barreling down. He hit about 15 cars. It was a mess." 

All the cars were parked on the side of the road and were unoccupied at the time, cops said. 

One man said he went after the driver and yelled at him to pull over, beeping at him the whole time. 

"I followed his truck, his wheels had locked up. He begrudgingly eventually pulled over," he said. 

The driver was issued two summons by police.

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"Everybody's car is damaged," said Neilan. "Everybody had to take off from work today. All our plans were disturbed and this guy didn't even get arrested. I don't get it." 

"The silver lining is there was no life, nobody was hurt. But how do you go and do this? There's no regard for human life," another neighbor said. 

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