Tips To Help You Through a Taxing Time

Tax code changes which could help you save

Want a tax refund fast? It could be just 10 days away if you use the IRS' e-file program. And this year, the on-line tool is available to more people.

And here are some other changes in the tax code which could help you save:  

  • If you got a tax-stimulus check in the mail last year, but think it might have been too small, check out line 70 on your 1040 tax form. You can apply for a  recovery rebate credit, now known as RRC.
  • First time home-buyers can get an interest-free loan for up to $7500.... and
  • Other homeowners could get $1,000 cash back.

We're not going to pretend it's easy. But finding out if you're owed money is worth the extra effort. For more, do some navigating the IRS Website.

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