Ticket Scammer Seeks Victim With Cute Bangs

When the popular indie act Animal Collective came to town last week, tickets were incredibly difficult to come by. Desperate for a way in, a number of fans turned to Craigslist in search of any remaining tickets, and some thought they had found their match, paying upwards of $250 for two.

But for many, the tickets they purchased turned out to be fakes, or at least real individual tickets printed and sold multiple times, making any copy but the first one scanned invalid. Upset fans lit up the comments on a Brooklyn Vegan post, publishing the name, phone number and work address of the man they thought did the dirty deed. Last week, Free Williamsburg published a short mention of the scam, and then Gothamist tried to hunt the fella down, to no avail.

But now, a little over a week after a handful of hipsters around the city got ripped off, the scammer may have resurfaced on Craigslist, looking for his Williamsburg scam victim with "cute bangs and funky glasses." Gowanus Lounge found the ad, where the scammer basically confesses to the crime, saying, "I printed ten copies of my Animal Collective ticket and sold you one near the Lorimer stop." He then adds, "Maybe we can go to our next show together?"

Think you're the girl with the bangs who has the crook smitten? Email him, tell him how you feel, but know that it's NOT OK to contact him with services or other commercial interests.

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