Donald Trump, The Modest Candidate

Donald Trump is a very modest fellow. He now takes credit for the White House decision to release President Obama’s birth certificate. What’s next? Will he take credit for the sun rising this morning or setting this evening? What a guy! What a disgrace to the New York that bred him!

The real estate billionaire and talk show host told reporters in New Hampshire: “I feel I’ve accomplished something really, really important, and I feel honored by it.” 

Reporters tried to ask him about what gave him the authority to question Obama’s birthplace. He was almost cranky as he asserted that he wouldn’t answer “negative” questions. He practically accused the journalists of muddying the waters, even as he proudly said: “I’m really honored frankly to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue.” 

“Frankly, frankly”-- you should always beware, I think, of a guy who uses “frankly” over and over.  Does that mean he doesn’t always speak frankly?  He’s the guy who started the “negative” questions. He insisted originally that Obama had never issued a proper birth certificate when, years ago, Obama released a so-called short form birth certificate. This was accepted by almost everybody except the fanatics who have been trying to bring Obama down.

“I am really proud. I am really honored,” Trump declared. About what? Trying to cast doubt on the integrity of the President?

Trump seems to have the integrity of a snake-oil salesman. There has been nothing honest about his pseudo campaign so far. Here is a man who’s been building his career on two angry words: “You’re fired!” He looks diabolical and acts it. At a time when Americans look for leadership, he’s been offering snake-oil salesmanship.

With characteristic understatement, former Mayor Edward Koch told me: “Trump is the advocate of the dummies. What he’s doing is demeaning politics and public service. Finally he’s gotten his comeuppance!” 

If he’s interested in getting more publicity, which he always is, Donald Trump could write a letter to Obama. The letter would read:  “Dear Mr. President. I am truly sorry that I cast aspersions on your birthplace. By trying to stir up controversy over whether you were really born in America, I was being very unfair. Now that you’ve released the long form document, I can only say: Mea Culpa.  Please forgive me. Sincerely, Donald Trump.”

That is probably fantasy. If Trump were to write a letter, it might instead read something like this: “Dear Mr. President: Thanks for releasing your long form birth certificate. It certainly validates what I have been saying all along. Now let’s get down to the real issues. I propose that we have a debate at the Taj Mahal, my casino in Atlantic City, or, perhaps, in Yankee Stadium on a date when the Yankees are playing out of town. We can have a Supreme Court justice monitor the proceedings to ensure that the audience is chosen fairly. I wouldn’t want one of our supporters to get carried away and paper the house. I look forward, Mr. President, to hearing from you promptly. Best regards. Donald.”

 Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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