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NYC Turns Subways Into Underground Libraries, With Free Books to Read During Your Commute

MTA and New York Public Library team up to offer e-books

Next time you're stuck on the train, why not crack open an e-book?

Starting Thursday, the New York Public Library and the MTA launched the Subway Library campaign, which promotes reading using transit technology. Ten subway cars of the E and F lines have been made to look a library inside, specifically like the iconic Rose Main Reading Room in the New York Public Library, with seats resembling book shelves.

But you don't need to ride the E or F trains to access the e-books that the Subway Library is offering to commuters. Using the Transit Wireless Wi-Fi network in all underground stations, you can tap into free books.

Once you're online, you can use SimplyE e-reader app or navigate to the Subway Library page to access works by writers like James Patterson, or Zadie Smith, or Fyodor Dostoevsky (for those really, really long rides).

The book categories are: Short Stories, New York Stories, Children, New & Noteworthy, True Stories, Classics, Young Adult, International Tales, Thrillers, and Select Short Reads.

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