Subway Brawl Erupts Over Spaghetti-Eating Rider

Hint: Don't say, "What kind of animals eat on the train," and expect to avoid a fight.

A subway rider's irritation with another woman slurping spaghetti on a Brooklyn subway escalated to a noodle-tossing brawl caught on tape.

(Note: We can't prove the video is real, but it certainly looks like it. We reached out to the guy who posted it on YouTube but haven't heard back from him yet.)

The YouTube video (warning: profane language included) captures a suspenseful two-and-a-half minutes of verbal back-and-forth before the confrontation gets physical.

The shot begins with a woman seated on a subway seat eating what appears to be spaghetti with red sauce out of a Styrofoam container. Her friend is next to her.

Across the aisle, another woman sits clutching her purse, pressed in the seat against the window.

The foodie, forking spaghetti into her mouth the whole time, and her friend, mutter "crazy people," in apparent response to a pasta-related put-down from the woman across from them.

Then the anti-spaghetti woman leans across the seat and asks: "What kind of animals eat on the train?"  

The question incites a profanity-laced comment from the woman eating the spaghetti.

The exchange continues until the eater and her friend stand up about 1:30 minutes into the video and hover in the center of the aisle near the pole by the complaining woman.

A minute later, the brawl breaks out, and, as one might expect, the spaghetti ends up flying.

Seriously, it's worth watching.

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