Staten Islanders Pleased With Trump's 1st Week in Office

On Staten Island, the only borough of New York City that Donald Trump won in the presidential election, people say they're pleased with his first week in office.

Aiman Youssef of Midland Beach, who immigrated to Staten Island from Syria in 1989, is among the 57 percent of voters in the borough who voted for Trump.

"He's trying to protect the country, and he's doing an amazing job," said Youssef, who approves of both Trump and the travel ban. 

"I think he did a lot in eight days, more than any president did in eight years," he said. 

In Castleton Corners, Jen Remauro said she doesn't agree with all his executive orders but doesn't have any regrets about voting from Trump.

"I don't agree with fully that he's asking the president of Mexico to pay for the wall, it's sort of like my backyard neighbor asking me to pay for his fence," she said. 

"Give him a chance," she added. "Everybody wants a chance in life." 

"This guy, yes he's a millionaire, yes he has a mouth, he likes to run it," said Remauro. "But just sit back, relax and see what he can do, because sometimes the impossible can happen." 

At the Page Plaza Diner in Tottenville, Eugene Shteynvarts, another Trump voter, said, "So far, a fast start out of the gate, but let's see what he completes in the next four years."

And Sam Pirozzolo, who threw an inauguration party complete with a life-size presidential cutout, said, "I'm very impressed with what he's doing so far." 

"He's doing everything he said he would," said Pirozzolo. "I don't know that I've ever seen that from any political candidate before." 

Among the supporters on Staten Island, that appeared to be the consistent theme: they were pleased to see a politician that makes promises and keeps them. 

Officials echo the support, with Rep. Dan Donovan saying he believes Trump's travel ban is "in America's best interest." 

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