Starbucks' New Secret Drink Has No Coffee or Tea

Your barista might make it ... if you explain the recipe

That Starbucks has secret off-menu drinks is no great secret ... but people are just starting to figure out its newest cold and coffee-free concoction.

Apparently known only as "The Orange Drink," Foodbeast reports it consists of orange mango juice, vanilla bean powder, ice and coconut milk. It can, they added, be shaken or carbonated. 

While not official, Instagram had more than 5,000 posts hashtagged #orangedrink as of Tuesday morning, suggesting it's starting to spread nationwide.

The drink also got a taste-test on the TODAY Show on Tuesday, potentially dashing any hopes the coffee chain had of keeping it underground. 

Early reviews seem to be overwhelmingly positive, with some comparing the flavor to creamsicles, and others likening it to mall stalwart Orange Julius. 

Starbucks also offers a secret "pink drink" that's made with acai tea and coconut milk, according to Adweek, along with purple, blue and green drinks. 

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