Salon in a Suitcase: NJ Stylist Gets Creative Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Haircuts in the age of COVID have become an anxiety-ridden task for some, especially those with health concerns. The demand for outdoor house calls has skyrocketed, and one New Jersey entrepreneur saw an opportunity.

Shawn Rhoder of Weehawken has invented a beauty salon on wheels. He calls it the rohver. It includes a barber chair that actually swivels and a to-go box full of beauty supplies.

For a promotional video, Rhoder took his invention to New York City's Union Square and gave out haircuts.

"How we came up with the rohver and the box and the chair was simple...Taking what was in the barbershop and trying to mobilize it," Rhoder said.

"You plug the case into any outlet at home or outside or at work, and run all the tools from the case autonomously so you can plug in your blow dryer," he demonstrated.

The product allows stylists to perform their services almost anywhere. Rhoder came up with the prototype long before COVID hit the U.S. but he quickly realized his idea could be especially useful at a time like this.

"The clients feel safe, the professionals feel safe and a service is provided at the highest level," he said.

The units go on sale early next year, for $3,000 a piece. 

"We’re happy to provide a tool that serves them an helps them serve their clients in a very different way…in a very difficult time," Rhoder said.

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