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Road Rage Leads to Stray Butt Shooting, Man Arrested for Attempted Murder

Police crime scene with a yellow 'caution' tape

A Bronx man is under arrest for a February episode of road rage that left a random pedestrian with a gunshot wound to their backside.

The NYPD said Wednesday morning they arrested Carlyle Herring, 42, of the Bronx on an attempted murder charge related to the Feb. 16 Lower East Side confrontation.

Just before noon that Tuesday, police said, a BMW driver was turning onto Clinton Street when the driver nearly struck a pedestrian. That touched off a verbal dispute, and after the driver got out of his car and the dispute intensified, the pedestrian pulled a gun and began firing.

The driver got back in his car and fled -- but a 75-year-old woman who just happened to be walking nearby was struck by a stay bullet in the buttocks. She was taken to a hospital and treated.

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