Revlon Suspends Times Square Kiss Cam Amid Reports of Groping

The popular Revlon-sponsored Kiss Cam in Times Square has been suspended amid reports that men were groping unsuspecting women as they waited to appear on the big screen.

Revlon said Friday that it made a decision to temporarily turn off the live camera while it investigates the alleged reports of groping.

According to police, a handful of men targeted female tourists as they waited to be on the Kiss Cam at Seventh Avenue and 43rd Street. As groups gathered close together under the cam for a photo, the men would strike.

The NYPD has cracked down on Kiss Cam gropers, according to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. He said officers have arrested four men in the past month on related charges.

The Times Square Alliance said in a statement that "we applaud the NYPD's efforts to address these disturbing incidents and feel it is another reason why having a dedicated and seasoned Times Square unit is already making a difference."

Two Croatian tourists, Petra Sarac and Sara Lustig, saw themselves on the big screen Thursday. They said it infuriates them that they could be preyed on while taking harmless photos.

"Don't take advantage here in front of this big screen to touch women," Sarac said.

"It's a shame, because this is a really cool thing to do," Lustig said.

Ashley Vlachos, who is visiting from Florida, said she's happy the NYPD took action against the alleged gropers.

"That is a good thing, because that way people will be more aware and not distracted of what's going on," Vlachos said.

It's unclear when the Kiss Cam will return. For now the billboard is showing pre-produced pictures.

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