60 Cars Damaged by Potholes on Long Island's Northern State Parkway

Dozens of cars were damaged by potholes over a mile-long stretch of the Northern State Parkway last weekend when rain washed away some recent repaving work, according to state officials.

Despite signs warning of rough roads, drivers were caught off guard as they rolled through a mine field of potholes between exits 36 and 37. 

"It felt like, boom!" said driver Ted Skir, whose car got a flat tire and bent rim on the parkway. 

Tow truck owner Tommy Nuss said his Amityville company had to send seven trucks to help stranded drivers. At least 60 cars were damaged in total, according to state transportation officials and state police. 

"Every other car that passed, boom boom, they got a flat tire," said Nuss. 

The potholes were apparently caused by Saturday's rain, and state transportation officials said the water washed away repaving work that had been done just days before. 

Skir said the DOT should have put a barrier around the potholes and that the warnings were posted only after the damage was done to his vehicle. 

A DOT spokesman said, "We're sorry for what happened... we can't control the weather." 

Road crews were on the parkway Monday making repairs. The state said the road contractor's insurance company will cover the cost of fixing the damaged cars. 

"It's Mother Nature -- it's nobody's fault," said Nuss. 

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