Postal Worker Planned Attack Against Supervisor: Cops

Simmering problems lead to attack, police said

A disgruntled postal worker didn't like how his boss ran things, so he took out a pair of scissors and attacked, police said.

When mail-sorter David Barnett, 55, got tired of his boss busting his chops, the 16-year veteran allegedly stabbed her 7 times at  mail sorting facility at Kennedy Airport.
It wasn’t a random moment of rage, cops say.  Authorities say Barnett planned the 3:45pm attack in advance, planning  to kill his boss over simmering frustration with her supervising style.

Though co-workers told investigators that they saw no signs of pre-attack distress in Barnett, he admitted thinking about killing his supervisor since October, police said. He gave officers both verbal and written statements describing the provocations, saying he had two issues with her this week alone -- one dispute being over a time card, according to cops.

Supervisor Doris Lloyd was released from the hospital after treatment of minor injuries. Barnett is charged with attempted murder and assault.  He is being held pending a psychiatric evaluation.
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