Polar Vortex Makes a Comeback After Weekend Thaw

After a short, balmy respite from this winter’s frigid temperatures, the polar vortex will make a comeback this week, plunging the tri-state back below the freezing mark for several days and bringing the chance of even more snow.

Temperatures soared into the 50s over the weekend, but a cold front moved through Monday, bringing back the 30s, forecasters say.

After that, winter will tighten its grip on the region as a swirl of arctic air known as the polar vortex pushes south again, plunging daytime temperatures into the 20s and 30s through the weekend, forecasters say.

On Wednesday, there’s also another chance of up to 2 inches of snow, forecasters say.

The region has already seen well-above average snowfall this season, with Central Park getting 57.1 inches of snow. That makes this winter New York City's seventh snowiest; the all-time record of 75 inches was set during the 1996-97 winter.

The polar vortex is a system that usually stays near the North Pole and Canada, but last month slid south and pushed temperatures to bone-chilling record lows.

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