NYU Pilot Program Slashes Housing Bill for Students Who Live With Senior Citizens in Need

New York University, one of the priciest private universities in the country, has launched a new program to help students save some money by moving in with senior citizens.

The pilot program, launching next year in partnership with University Settlement, a Lower East Side nonprofit that works with seniors in need, would slash the $14,000 annual housing bill in half to $7,000. 

Students would live with senior citizens who have a spare room and help around the house with minor household tasks like light housekeeping, grocery shopping and computer lessons. 

"I think it's a great initiative to lower costs for students here, many of whom are unfairly drowning in great financial responsibility," said freshman Jordan Bialak. 

But Madison McConnell, also a freshman, also noted it's a serious commitment. 

"To live with senior citizens, I don't know that I would have the initiative to try and take care of somebody other than myself," she said. 

Both NYU and University Settlement say they're excited about the project. But they also said it will take special screening to make sure both roommates in very different stages of life make a good fit. 

The rollout of the program will be small: only 10 junior, senior and grad students will be considered. But the program will grow if it's considered a success. 

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