NYC Voted Best City for Working Moms

It can be tough to care for kids and hold down a job, but working moms are in the right spot. There's no better place to pull that double duty than the Big Apple, according to a new Forbes survey.

What makes New York so great for working moms? There's a lot to juggle – solid jobs and high salaries are musts, but so are top-notch daycare, healthcare and safety.

And different moms have different needs, says ForbesWoman writer Heidi Brown, who edited the "Best City For Working Mothers" list.

"So while it's safe to say that all moms want a secure and protected place for their children to live in, first-rate medical care and excellent schools, if they're running a business or earning a paycheck, there are other important considerations," Brown wrote.

Good thing New York has something for everyone. The big city gets a bad (wrong) rep for being crowded and dangerous, but its ample park space and low violent crime rate earned top rankings from Forbes.

Earnings potential is also high – and the city spends more than any other metro – except Buffalo-Niagra Falls (New York rules) -- on its public-school students to offer a stellar education. And if recent Advanced Placement test results are any indication, the system is working.

Rounding out the top five cities for working moms are Austin, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee and Portland. Whatever you do, if you're looking to raise your kid and work simultaneously, stay away from Sin City. It's likely no shocker that Las Vegas falls dead last on Forbes' list for working moms (although some make a good living in casinos). 

Florida isn't the best place to go either; four cities in the state fall in the bottom 10 of Forbes' list – Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

This is the first year Forbes launched the list, but the magazine plans to continue the practice.

And if you're a single working mom who's looking to date, the city's got an added bonus: The Big Apple was recently voted the best city for single people by Forbes. Party on!

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