NYC Subway Delays Hit Three-Year Low in September, MTA Says

If your morning commute felt just a touch easier in September, you might not be alone - the MTA says subway delays hit a three-year low in September. 

The authority's monthly performance report, released Friday, showed weekday train delays hit 48,212 in September, down almost 18 percent year over year.

In fact, it was the fewest number of delays for any month since August 2015.

"Additional train time" -- the unexpected extra time riders spent onboard a train versus what would have been their scheduled travel -- was one minute and 13 seconds last month. That's down almost 22 percent versus a year earlier. 

The percentage of scheduled trains that actually ran during weekday rush hours rose one percentage point, whie "additional platform time" -- the extra time spent waiting for a train versus what was scheduled -- fell almost four percent. 

So-called major incidents, those that delay 50 or more trains, fell 35 percent year-over-year.

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