Worst Idea? Elevator Pitch? Ban What? Top Moments From NYC Democratic Mayoral Debate

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from the final NYC Democratic mayoral debate

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Eight Democrats seeking the nomination for mayor of New York City took to the stage last week in the final official Democratic primary debate co-hosted by WNBC-TV, Telemundo 47/WNJU-TV, POLITICO, Citizens Budget Commission, and New York Urban League.

The participants were Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia, Maya Wiley, Andrew Yang, Scott Stringer, Ray McGuire, Shaun Donovan and Dianne Morales.

Below are some of the highlights of the night.

Each Democratic candidates in the New York City mayoral race gave a 30-second elevator pitch addressing a variety of issues that are key to the Big Apple's recovery following the pandemic. The specific points varied from police recruitment to crime, from to taxes to rent freeze. See them all below.

The final democratic mayoral debate began with a series of 30-second elevator pitches for voters. See them all here.

Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang said that New Yorkers would be safer under his administration than under former NYPD Captain and current Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams', claiming that even Adams' former NYPD colleagues endorsed him instead of Adams. Meanwhile, Adams said that he never asked his former colleagues in the police union to endorse him, and that is why he did not receive an endorsement. However, Yang claims that Adams did ask for an endorsement. Watch the heated exchange below:

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Andrew Yang get testy in an exchange over endorsements from police unions in the city.

New York City mayoral candidates responded in a lightning round whether or not they would hire current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to form part of their administration if they were elected.

The top Democratic condtenders on whether they'd give current Mayor de Blasio a job in their administration.

Candidate Andrew Yang said that mentally ill individuals experiencing homelessness are changing the character of New York City neighborhoods. He recounted that his wife's friend was punched in the face by a mentally ill man in Hell's Kitchen, adding that this kind of violence is happening across the city and forcing people to leave. Yang went on to say that he is frustrated by how other candidates refuse to talk about the hundreds of people that live on the streets and mental health. However, when asked what he would do differently, Yang said that he plans to rebuild the stock of psych beds in the City until there are enough resources for no one to be on the streets. City Comptroller Scott Stringer called his response “the greatest non-answer he had ever heard” saying that Yang has flip-flopped on his homelessness policies throughout his campaign. Stringer demanded to know how Yang would pay for the policy saying, “this is not how the next mayor has to comport themselves. We need specifics.”

After Andrew Yang answered a question about what he'd do differently to help homeless New Yorkers, City Comptroller Scott Stringer calls him out for what he called a nonanswer.

The Democratic mayoral candidates were asked what problem New York City is facing that they are not sure how to solve. The candidates' answers touched upon different topics, from education to renewable energy.

Each Democratic contender for mayor lays out the issue facing the city that has them stumped at this point in the race.

New York City mayoral candidates were asked to share the worst idea that they’ve heard from one of their opponents. Wiley and Adams criticized Yang. Garcia and McGuire disapproved of the initiative to defund the police. While Morales reacted to McGuire’s statement about African American and Brown communities' supporting the defund the police movement by saying: “I am a member of that community and you are not speaking for me."

The top Democratic mayoral candidates share the worst idea they've heard from a fellow candidate.

The top Democratic contenders also addressed what they would ban to make the city healthier.

The top Democratic contenders on what they'd ban to make the city healthier.

See who thinks they’ll be able to get Biggie at their inauguration if elected mayor (and the rest of the candidates’ top choices too).

See who thinks they'll be able to get Biggie at their inauguration if elected mayor (and the rest of the candidates' top choices too).
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