NJ State Police Superintendent Nabs Truck-Jacking Suspect in Graveyard

The suspect had truck-jacked a tractor trailer, a spokesman said

New Jersey State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes is being credited for helping nab one of three suspects involved in a truck-jacking Wednesday night.

State Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Polite said his boss overheard radio traffic about a chase following a stolen truck on the New Jersey Turnpike near Exit 13.

The truck took that exit with police in pursuit, and the three suspects then abandoned it next to the Rosedale cemetery in Linden, according to Polite.

"The Colonel (Fuentes) was out there with his flashlight and another trooper," Polite said.

As other troopers found and arrested the other two suspects, Superintendent Fuentes and his trooper continued their search for the third.

That's when Polite said his boss spotted the man hiding between two tombstones.

The suspect surrendered. Polite said Fuentes did not have to pull his gun on the man.

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