Mayor de Blasio: NYC Schools to Block ICE Agents from Entering Without Warrant

Federal immigration officers are not allowed to enter New York City public schools without a court order, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday.

The new policy to protect immigrant families is meant to be a measure of protection to help ease the fear felt by those living in the country illegally.

"I want students and families to know that we will do everything possible to keep immigration agents out of schools," de Blasio said in Spanish during a press conference.

The new guidelines reinforce a protection policy already in place in response to executive orders issued by President Donald Trump to facilitate the detection, arrest and deportation of unauthorized immigrants.

About a month ago, state authorities reminded schools in the state that ICE agents can't remove students from school grounds for interrogation without parental consent, unless a crime has been committed. 

School personnel are also instructed not to share any student information unless required by law. Staffers are told to contact the NYPD and legal counsel if ICE agents come to their school.

While no students have been arrested by immigration agents in the city’s schools, fear continues to be felt by students and their families.

“Our focus today is protecting all of the families who make up this city and protecting our children,” De Blasio said.

New York Public schools do not track the immigration status of their students and will continue to maintain this policy.

De Blasio also stressed that the city has organized more than 100 informative workshops for students and their parents about their rights if approached by ICE agents. 

“This is your city. Your city will stand by you. Your city will protect you,” de Blasio said.

You can wat de Blasio's press conference here.

About a month ago, state authorities reminded Yorkers schools in the state that agents ofservices of immigration can not remove students from school grounds or interrogation without the consent of the parents, unless a crime has been committed. Any request forinformation about the child should be consulted first with an attorney or school district officials, they said.

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