A Mass Transit Tea Party

It's not exactly "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3," but a quirky tour company is planning an unauthorized hijacking of a subway train this Sunday -- for a tea party.

the Levys' Unique New York tour group plans to take their "Vintage Tea Party" to the V line, starting at the second avenue station, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, and host an throw-back fete.

Despite the fact that it's a guerrilla operation, the tour guides will be aided, and were actually inspired, by the fact that NYC Transit will be running a 1930s era train with wicker seats and ceiling fans on the V line every Sunday this month.

A Transit spokeswoman pointed out that it is illegal to bring open containers on to the train -- although everyone knows that's never, or at least hardly ever, enforced.

Organizer Matt Levy, of the Levy family which runs the company, doesn't think there will be any problem with the powers that be at this tea party.

"Neither the MTA nor the NYPD can stop us from riding the subway as proper fare-paying passengers. And last we checked, eating cucumber sandwiches and dainty cookies isn't against any law on the MTA books," Levy told NBCNewYork.com. "We might have to get sneaky with our tea, but the tea party will go on!"

Levy said they "might just pantomime the tea until the cops leave, then distribute it from our carefully concealed thermoses."

The Levys did the subway tea party thing in 2004 and didn't stir up any trouble.

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