Madonna's Horse Story Is Bull: Photog

A Hamptons police report filed after  Madonna fell from a horse in the celebrity playground backs up the photographers claim that the pop singer  is making up the paparrazi in the bushes story.

The 50-year-old Material Mom fell from a horse at well-known photographer Steven Klein’s farm in Bridgehampton, Saturday and  spokeswoman said the pop star's  horse was startled by paparazzi who "jumped out of the bushes" to photograph her.

The photog, however, disputes her claim that it was him who startled the horse, and a police report makes no mention of a photographer in the bushes.

Thomas Hinton told Newsday for its online editions Sunday that "the only photographer present" when the "Material Girl" and "Like a Virgin"singer fell was Steven Klein, her host in the Hamptons, a playground for the rich and famous on the eastern end of Long Island.

Hinton said he received a tip Madonna was in the Hamptons and photographed her from a public road before and after the accident. He said he wasn't there when she fell.

"If I had startled the horse, I would have gotten pictures," Hinton told TMZ.

Southampton Town police on Sunday didn't provide details on the horseback riding fall, which wasn't Madonna's first.

After she hit the ground stunned onlookers, including her current paramour Jesus Luz, rushed to her side. Shortly after, paramedics carried Madonna off the field on a backboard and rushed her to Southhampton Hospital, with Klein in tow.

A police source told the Post that Madonna’s injuries did not appear to be serious.

Horse riding, especially jumping, is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. The American Journal of Surgery called it more dangerous than motorcycle riding, skiing or football in a 2005 report.

Christopher Reeve is one of the more famous examples of how destructive a horse-riding accident can be. Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down after a fall in 1995. He died in 2004 still confined to a wheel chair.

Madge may want to take note. This isn’t the singer’s first horse riding accident. In 2005 she broke multiple bones, including three ribs, her collarbone and her hand, when she tumbled off a horse at her London estate.

Some speculate that fall, which occurred on her 47th birthday, spelled doom for her marriage to Guy Ritchie because of the way he reacted to her injuries.

"If you can pinpoint an exact event or incident which spelled the death knell for them as a couple, Madonna's horse-riding accident was it," a close family friend told London's Sun.

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