Long Island Resident Raises Concern About Stolen, Vandalized Campaign Signs

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In a quiet Long Island neighborhood, Tracy Ali says she didn’t think twice about putting up a yard sign.

She wanted to express her political support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but two weeks after she put up the campaign sign, she says someone stole it from her yard in Melville.

“I had a little display with pumpkins and haystack and the sign in the middle and it was removed. Just the stakes were left," Ali said.

She shared what happened with others in her community and found out she’s not alone.

NBC New York's David Ushery reports.

More Biden-Harris signs had been stolen or spray painted in her neighborhood.

“It’s not okay certainly to trespass or take someone’s property but it’s more important that. I feel like what happened to love thy neighbor?”

Ali says it’s not about the candidate, it’s about respect, something she feels is often forgotten in a politically divided climate.

As for the yard signs, she has ordered more and says she won’t be deterred.

“You have to take pride in your country and your home and not let one or two individuals change how you go about your day to day life," Ali said.

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