Howard Stern's Bedbug Problem

Shock jock laments conditions at Sirius XM radio

It looks like the self-proclaimed King of All Media isn't immune from the bedbug anxiety facing most New Yorkers these days.

"We received treatments here and supposedly we're 100% bedbug-free," a very doubtful Howard Stern lamented on his Sirius XM Radio Show Monday morning after his Midtown office building was treated by exterminators.

Stern said he came to the Sirius XM Sixth Avenue studio and headquarters this morning in a haz-mat suit -- despite the fact that the studios were closed this weekend for a bedbug treatment.  Photographic evidence of the haz-mat suit has not been furnished yet.

"All I know is I'm scratching every minute... I just wish our contract was done and we could get out of here," Stern said on Monday, according to a transcript posted on Stern fan blog. "My new routine is: as soon as the show's over, I get out of here."

If only it were that easy. Stern said he had his limousine checked and bedbug sniffing dogs found trouble -- which meant that his limo had to be fumigated with poison gas. The shock jock doubted if he would ever go back in the limo again.

Yet Stern's own worries about noxious solutions didn't stop him from railing against regulators.

"Now they're back!," Stern said of the bedbugs. "Because of hippies with their goddamn DDT-inhibition!"

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