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Fun Facts: How Much Does a Snowstorm Cost?

Snow continues to wallop the tri-state area, with more than a foot already recorded in some spots and up to 14 inches expected for New York City by the time the storm moves out. 

The Office of the New York City Comptroller released a study it conducted from fiscal years 2003-2016 about how much it costs to clear the streets during a storm. 

Here are the stats:
  • Based on snow removal costs from the 13-year study, it costs an average of $1,994,555 per inch of snow.

  • The 2016 costs clocked in above that number, costing an average of $3,283,126 per inch. Only 2012 and 2007 had higher average costs.

  • The city budgeted $88 million for ice and snow removal this year.
  • Thursday's projected snowfall of 10 to 14 inches will cost between $19.9-$27.9 million.
  • If only 10 inches fall Thursday, the city could still afford to remove 21.1 inches of snow this fiscal year. If 14 inches fall, the city could afford to remove just another 17.1 inches, based on the budget.

  • The priciest year during the study was 2014, when snow removal cost $130.6 million. Peak snowfall was in 2011, though, when 61.5 inches fell.

Snowstorm Paints Tri-State a Wintry White

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