Gas Thief Drags Station Attendant With Getaway Car

A gas station attendant was dragged onto a busy road in New Jersey as he tried to stop a customer who did not pay for gas.

Hasan Ognar was pumping gas at the Lukoil gas station in Fort Lee, N.J., for the driver of a black Nissan Maxima with New York plates. When Ognar tried to collect money, the driver sped away onto Route 4.

It was all caught on security camera.

"It's sad -- for $20, somebody's life could have ended," said Tony Lulaj.

"I saw him grab onto the car door and the car drove away. Then he let go and then kind of rolled onto the highway."

Ognar was left on Route 4 but was not struck by any cars.

Danny Jaloudi, the owner of the gas station, said other drivers have fled without paying in recent weeks. He believes higher gas prices are responsible.

Ognar was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center where he is in stable condition.

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