Fake UPS Workers Shoot Father of Four Answering Door in Queens: Police

What to Know

  • A hardworking father of four was shot at his home in Queens by two men posing as UPS workers
  • The men apparently rang another apartment in the building and were hoping to sneak into the victim's apartment unnoticed
  • The man confronted them and that's when they shot him in the leg and took off, leaving behind empty packages

Two gunmen posing as UPS workers with packages shot a father of four as he opened the door to his home in Astoria Thursday morning, police said.

The 53-year-old victim, Mohibul Islam, was confronted by the duo at his first-floor apartment on 24th Street shortly after 10 a.m. A neighbor who lives directly above the victim said he heard a gunshot.

"Somebody screaming, 'Help!' I just opened my door and stepped down. I found my neighbor get shoot in the leg and bleeding," Sherif Roby said. 

Roby and Islam's son, Adnan Islam, said the imposters got into the building by buzzing the doorbell of an apartment on the third floor and saying they were UPS deliverymen. 

The men were trying to break into the victim's apartment when he opened the door and confronted them. That's when police say a scuffle ensued and the duo shot him in the leg before taking off.

"They kept kicking in the door," said Adnan Islam.

The fake deliverymen left behind two empty packages after escaping, according to Roby, who went downstairs after hearing the gunshot. He found his injured neighbor and his panicked wife. 

"He's just on the floor. And his wife just keep circling around him and screaming," Roby said. 

The victim was taken to Mount Sinai Queens hospital and is expected to survive.

"He's OK, they said he'll live," Adnan Islam said. "The shot was in the thigh and it broke through one of his bones so he's getting surgery to fix that."

His cousin, Moinul Islam, told News 4 that he's a "good guy." He said he's a hardworking father of four who labors at least six days a week at the Plaza Hotel.

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