De Blasio Staffer Quits, Blasts Administration's ‘Political Hacks'

The former social media director to Mayor de Blasio quit Tuesday after just weeks on the job, and then took to Facebook to blast the City Hall working environment and call his former colleagues “political hacks.”

Scott Kleinberg came to New York eight weeks ago for the position after a stint as social media director for the Chicago Tribune, DNAinfo reported.

He quit Tuesday, according to the report, then took to social media to air his grievances.

"Well, that was fast," Kleinberg wrote on Facebook Tuesday. "I moved to NYC for a dream job and that's not what I got. I tried to stick it out, but it was impossible. Now, for the first time in my life, I’m unemployed."

A friend of Kleinberg’s then commented on the post: "I'm sure it's impossible for someone of your caliber, with your work ethic and honesty, to survive in a sea of cut-throat political hacks.”

Kleinberg responded: “I ended up with political hacks plus a boss who just couldn’t get it. It was a bad combination for sure.”

In a statement, a City Hall spokesperson said: “New York City government is a tough, fast-paced job that is not for everyone. We wish him well."

While Kleinberg's Facebook post got hundreds of well wishes, New Yorkers were not so sympathetic.

"He sounds like a crybaby," one woman remarked to NBC 4 New York. 

Social media expert Chris Dessi of Silverback Social says Kleinberg's public comments get a big thumbs down.

"Whether you're for the mayor, whether you're against the mayor, doesn't matter. You know that you're going to be working 13 hours [a day] and on the weekends. Boo-hoo, get over it, it's New York," he said. 

Kleinberg is now looking for a new job using the same Facebook post he used to bash his old ones.

Dessi says good luck with that: "Especially as a social media expert, he should understand that those comments could live in perpetuity."

Kleinberg may not have too much trouble finding a job, though: an opposition group known for criticizing the mayor's office says it would like to help him find a new job.

Attempts to reach Kleinberg Wednesday were unsuccessful. 

This is the third sudden departure in the de Blasio administration in recent weeks. Earlier this month, press secretary Karen Hinton left after just a year on the job, telling NBC 4 New York she often felt she was left out of the loop.

And on Wednesday, Maya Wiley, who served as counsel to the mayor, resigned to take a new job as chairwoman of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, and to work as a professor and senior vice president at The New School. She said in a statement she is grateful to have worked for de Blasio. 

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