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Times Square Food Vendor Attacked by Man Hurling Traffic Cones, Milk Crate

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Video of one man's bizarre and violent assault on a food vendor operating in Times Square has been released by police hoping to track down the assailant.

Police said the man threw large orange traffic cones at the 57-year-old vendor operating at 7th Avenue and West 40th Street last weekend.

Part of the May 14 assault was caught on camera, and appears to show the suspect repeatedly lobbing the large cones at the victim.

The incident started as a verbal argument, police said, before the attacker kicked and punched the vendor around 6:15 p.m. He also allegedly threw a milk crate at the man.

Police said the suspect was wearing a black surgical mask, black sweatpants and t-shirt, grey Crocs, and was carrying a backpack.

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