NYPD: Retired Cop Tried to Mug 62-Year-Old, Stole iPad

Terence Dickerson was arrested about a year after he accused the NYPD for pinning a rough arrest on him for missing arrest quotas

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A retired NYPD officer with a contentious history with the department is facing charges after an attempted mugging and an iPad theft in the East Village, police officials say.

Terence Dickerson, 32, was arrested shortly after the attempted strong-arm robbery at a smoke shop on First Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

That's when police say a robber went after at 62-year-old man trying to withdraw $100 from an ATM and slammed him to the ground. An employee saw the whole thing and locked the door to keep the suspect from leaving.

Then, police say, the suspect started kicking glass in the store. Someone eventually flagged down the police and arrested Dickerson.

After the arrest, Dickerson was also charged with grand larceny in connection with an incident at the 14th Street Y earlier that day.

Police say in that incident, the suspect went into the gym and asked about joining. Then, police say he allegedly stole an iPad and ran off.

It's not clear when Dickerson left the force, but he has had a turbulent history with the NYPD.

Last year, he claimed that NYPD brass forced him to take responsibility for a rough arrest that was caught on camera because he wasn't meeting department arrest quotas. Dickerson claimed he wasn't even at the scene for the arrest.

The video shows a man seemingly getting hit and pinned down by several NYPD officers in what some are calling excessive use of force during an arrest for smoking marijuana. NBC New York’s Gaby Acevedo reports.

Attorney information for Dickerson wasn't immediately available.

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