Coyote Spotted at LaGuardia Airport

Officials have reported another coyote sighting, this time at LaGuardia Airport.

The Port Authority says the wild canine was spotted by 82nd Street and Ditmars Boulevard early Thursday morning.

The animal ran into Elmjack Field, where authorities lost sight of it.

This is the latest in a string of recent coyote sightings in the city. Last month, another one of the wily canids was tranquilized and captured in Queens a day after it was spotted hiding against a house in the area. Other brushes between the coyotes and humanity include chases through lower Manhattan, the World Trade Center and Battery Park City, the Upper West Side, and Morningside Heights.

Rabid coyotes have been turning up in New Jersey. On Monday, a sheep was found dead in Saddle River in what appeared to be the latest in a series of Coyote attacks in the state.

Earlier in April, a man walking his dog was attacked in Bergen County by a coyote that later tested positive for rabies. A second aggressive coyote was also found dead in a trap, but it was found non-rabid.

In Saddle River, another rabid coyote attacked a man and his dog while he was working in the yard.

Wildlife experts say people can reduce the risk of coyote conflicts by not feeding them and securing trash and pets, among other steps. People who encounter a coyote should never run away; instead, they're encouraged to "haze" the animal with techniques like making loud noises or throwing sticks or objects towards but not at the coyote, the Humane Society says.

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