City to Vote on Hiring Experts to Examine Bones, Artifacts

A Hudson Valley city is expected to vote on whether to hire archaeologists to examine bones and artifacts from an old cemetery.

Contractors in March 2008 were excavating the grounds of the former Broadway School in Newburgh when they found a 19th-century cemetery for blacks.

The school was built in 1908 on land designated on an 1869 map as the ``Colored Burial Ground.'' Graves were severed by utility lines and skeletons protruded from walls. Some remains were inches from a sidewalk.

The remains have been kept at SUNY New Paltz for seven years as the city hasn't allocated

$23,000 for an archaeology report. Once the report is obtained the bones can return to Newburgh and be re-buried.

The Middletown Times Herald-Record reports that the Newburgh City Council is expected to vote on that resolution Monday.  

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