Chia Prez on the Comeback Trail

Chased out of Tampa and Chicago, Chia Obama seeks home in the Big Apple

Branded as racist and chased out of both Tampa and Chicago, Chia Obama is in negotiations to find a home in the Big Apple.

Joseph Pedott, the founder of the Chia Pet empire, hopes to soon have his President Obama model on the shelves of new York City drug stores.

"As quickly as they can take them, we will send them," the 76-year-old Pedott told the New York Daily News.

Earlier this week Walgreens announced that they were discontinuing sales of the Chia Obama in the wake of complaints about the giant green "natural" that grows on the prez when left ungroomed.

"We got some complaints from people that they thought it was racist," spokesman Robert Elfinger told Wired.

"Since when is an Afro racist?" asked Pedott. He noted that the "hair" only grows as much as the owner allows.

The noble sculptures of our 44th president, which comes in two poses, "Happy" and "Determined," are already doing brisk Internet business and "could be the biggest I have ever had," Pedott said.

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