$11,000 in Checks Stolen From USPS Mailbox in East Harlem: NYPD

Authorities say someone stole $11,000 in checks from a USPS mailbox in East Harlem over the last few months. 

The checks were put into the mailbox between October and December by staff at the Boriken Neighborhood Health Center on Third Avenue, police say. Staff at the social services organization realized they had been stolen when vendors said they never received the funds. 

A police report was filed Jan. 11. 

According to DNAInfo.com, police have received multiple reports of checks stolen from mailboxes in the 25th Precinct since mid-August. The total value of the pilfered checks is nearly $100,000, the website says. 

The New York City branch of the United States Postal Inspection Service said it wasn't aware of the $11,000 heist. A spokeswoman said USPS is still swapping out mailboxes in the Bronx and has plans to make changes in Harlem, though she declined to give a timeframe for the transition to be completed.

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