New Jersey

Hyundai Smashes Through Wall of Long Island House After Collision With Van: Police

A Hyundai and van collided on Long Island's Montauk Highway Monday, sending the Hyundai off the road and into the side of a house, authorities say. 

Police say the van was trying to cross over the highway in Blue Point shortly before 12 p.m. when it and the Hyundai collided. The impact sent the Hyundai careening into the side of a home on Division Avenue, and the vehicle became wedged into the home all the way up to the windshield.

Three people were home at the time, authorities say, but no one was hurt.

Neighbors were shocked as they watched the Hyundai go airborne.

"What was amazing was the guy got out of the car and the first thing he did was knock on the apartment door to make sure everyone was OK," said Ken Felice. 

The Hyundai driver was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. Police say the van driver refused medical attention and received summonses for failure to yield and an expired inspection sticker.

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