Roads Buckle Under Extreme Heat on Long Island

Crews were being dispatched to trouble spots

Work crews on Long Island are busy repairing roads that are buckling from the extreme heat. 

The state Department of Transportation reported two trouble spots in Suffolk County Thursday evening.

The first was in the Deer Park and Dix Hills area, where the left lane of the southbound side of Route 231 was closed because of the buckling road. The other was on the Long Island Expressway, in the left lane on the eastbound side at around exit 67.

Crews were at both locations working to repair the roads. The workers are part of a DOT contingent that has been dealing with buckling roads all week long, officials said.

Workers say the heat is an "equal opportunity destroyer" -- both asphalt and concrete have fallen prey to the scorching temperatures.

"The concrete expands and it actually gets so tight that it pops right up, and it causes a dangerous situation," said John McNeil. 

Crews repair the buckling roads by breaking up the concrete and putting on a temporary patch. 

Drivers who see a buckling road should call 911.

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